Is a Silvertip Badger Brush Really Worth It?

There are various types of shave brushes available on the market to use and not all of them provide the same results. Currently, the silvertip badger brush is touted as one of the most remarkable. It certainly is a luxurious brush that looks great, but finding the ideal brush is something that you need to carefully consider.

The Right Shaving Brush

To get an adequate shave, it helps to use the right shaving cream. Shaving cream will soften the skin, and will create a barrier between the skin and the razor. This can prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation. A shaving brush is a wise investment as you can use the brush to create a quality lather on the skin. This will allow you to effectively spread the shaving cream all over your face so you can get a better shave. Buying the right shaving brush is important as you want it to look nice, and fit perfectly in your hand.

The Look of a Brush

Look for a shave brush with a nice sheen. You want the brush to have a pure look, not a synthetic look or cheap look. Plus, a brush made from badger hair is softer on the skin so you are less likely to deal with irritation. While the handles of the brush differ, they are all usually made with craftsmanship and care that is also very appealing to look at.

The Feel

Search for a brush that feels as good as it looks. It should not be too heavy or too light. Test multiple brushes to find one that fits properly in your hand so it doesn’t case a rash when you are applying it to the skin. The feel of the brush should also be smooth against the skin, preventing blisters and splinters.


Brushes made from synthetic material do not feel as good as the brushes made from pure hair. The hair is not as coarse against the skin, making it easier to soften the facial hair and skin for a clean shave. Test several brushes to find one that feel good against your skin. It helps to know that the more you invest in a brush, the softer it will be.

Holding Water

One area that shows a quality brush from a poor one is the way in which it holds water. A brush must be thick enough to hold plenty of water, allowing it to create a rich lather. A thick lather is easier to apply to the skin, and it also doesn’t require you to use as much shave cream.

The Job

A brush can look and feel great but that does not always mean that it does the job well enough. Fortunately, thesilvertip badgerbrush does live up to its potential. Upon setting the brush in the water, it expands to great lengths because of all the water it holds. This causes the brush to work up a rich lather that when applied to the face, spreads thickly and evenly. The bristles are strong, yet flexible enough to lift the hairs. If placed in hot water, the water remains hot upon application, which helps soften the hairs.

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