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Many people know about vitiligo because this disease affected Michael Jackson but most don’t realize that vitiligo, or leukoderma, is a skin disease that affects around two percent of the population.  Although scientists have been studying this ailment for years, we still haven’t been able to eliminate this disease.  There are three main links to this disease, a person’s lifestyle, their genetics and their home environment.


What vitiligo sufferers experience is a de-coloration, depigmentation, of their skin.  This seems to happen in different pockets of parts of their body.  This almost makes it appear as if some parts of their skin have been peeled away.  In reality, it’s the melanin, or part of the skin cells responsible for the production of the color of the skin, that suddenly die.  It’s this sudden death of the melanin that has experts believing that this is an autoimmune issue.     



If vitiligo is an autoimmune disease this intrigues experts.  This would mean that there is some imbalance that is causing your immune system to turn on the melanin, attack it and ultimately kill the melanin.  It’s important to consult with your physician AS SOON as you suspect you have vitiligo.  Your doctor can confirm whether you have a temporary skin ailment or vitiligo.  It’s key that you get this diagnosis because you may have some other health condition that can trigger vitiligo.  If you are able to cure this first ailment then that will take care of your vitiligo.  Of course, this isn’t always the case, only your doctor will know for sure.



If you doctor does diagnose you with vitiligo, what does that mean for you?  Vitiligo can last for decades in the affected areas.  In many ways vitiligo is like chronic arthritis.  Once it flares up you are stuck for awhile.  However, that shouldn’t mean that you just throw up your hands and live with the embarrassment.  In fact, the first thing your doctor will recommend is UV therapy.  UV therapy will help encourage the color to come back in the affected areas by re-pigmenting the skin.  In addition to this initial treatment, you can make adjustments in your lifestyle that can help you get control of this disease.


Did you know that your diet can have a huge bearing on the aggressiveness of vitiligo?  Most people don’t realize this.  In fact, by modifying or eliminating certain aspects of your lifestyle you can curtail or even eliminate the symptoms of vitiligo.  The biggest factor is one’s diet.  Researchers have discovered that there is a link between vitiligo and a person’s diet.  Researchers have further determined that the link is common allergies.


When most people think about allergies they think about pet allergies.  However, what most people suffer from, whether they realize it or not, is food allergies.  In fact, you may be ingesting foods right now that you are allergic to and not even know it.  Normally this isn’t a big deal however; those foods may be triggering an allergen which, in turn, triggers vitiligo.  You will need to consult a naturopath to find out if or what allergies you have.  If you can eliminate these foods from your diet you may be able to eliminate the effects of the vitiligo.


This is by no means an exhaustive study on vitiligo.  You will find many more articles on this website that go into greater detail.  In addition, check out our partner Natural Vitiligo Treatment System.  They are experts in how your diet and other things can regulate, stop and even cure vitiligo.





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